Having worked until recently mainly in the music business I retrained in 2010 and took a course in viticulture and oenology at Plumpton College in the UK. I completed in 2013 with a Foundation Degree in Wine Production. That same year I had a fantastic time working a harvest at Château Brown, in Bordeaux. Following that experience I was all set to move from London to sunny California, but events (or rather my husband) took me unexpectedly to Sweden. Putting grape growing and winemaking plans temporarily on hold I am now experiencing wine production from a more observational than practical angle. I am making up for that, however, with plenty of wine tasting! 

Although there is no grape growing culture in Sweden, there are a few vineyards in the south of the country. Who knows, maybe I won’t have to move abroad, very soon with the advance of climate change, I will be producing fine sparkling wine somewhere in Scandinavia…

Sarah Jefford

Tea break at the vineyard



  1. Dear miss/mrs Jefford. It was a great pleasure briefly meeting you at todays wine tasting. I was rather exhausted when arriving to the tasting, due to my failing physics. In fact I mentally drifted away (or frankly, almost fell asleep) during part of the session…
    My instagram acvount is @bergslars. It is a private account. Please knock on my door.
    I am curious: you confess being in the music industry. I am a music artisan and I fiercly opposes The Industry. Anyway, there’s still a possible shared interest. Because you left the industrial zone, didn’t you? Lars


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